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Discover is the name we use for our study and fellowship groups, as we seek God and grow in our faith journey, together

Caring for Creation

A Christian response to the environmental crisis

We live in a time of fear about the Earth's future. Respected scientists and economists tell us that we are overusing the earth’s resources, and in our failure to look after the planet we are unleashing forces beyond our control. Where should Christians stand on this? Can we continue to watch it going on or should we be doing whatever we can to delay these processes? Our faith proclaims hope for the future offered through Christ's death and resurrection. Where do we find hope for our planet?

This Autumn the Ministry Team will be running a course for our Discover groups. The course has been designed to help us to understand some of the issues, and to enable us to discuss what our response should be as people of faith, who believe that God created (and is still creating) all things – visible and invisible.

Dates and times

Monday afternoon 2pm
  • Sept 23rd,
  • Oct 7th,
  • Oct 21st,
  • Nov 4th,
  • Nov 18th,
  • Dec 2nd
Monday evening 7.30pm
  • Tuesday Sep 24th (NB moved due to PCC)
  • Oct 7th,
  • Oct 21st,
  • Nov 4th,
  • Nov 18th
  • Dec 2nd
Wednesday afternoon 2pm
  • Sep 25th,
  • Oct 9th,
  • Oct 23rd,
  • Nov 6th,
  • Nov 20th,
  • Dec 4th
Thursday afternoon 2pm
  • Sep 26th,
  • Oct 10th,
  • Oct 24th,
  • Nov 7th,
  • Nov 21st,
  • Dec 5th

If you would like to take part in this course, please let us know which day(s) you would be able to attend by contacting our Administrator Jan on 01379 643783 or administrator@dissteamministry.org.uk

Guest Speaker

We have a provisional booking for a prominent Christian Ecologist to speak and answer questions during the afternoon of Tuesday 19th November.

Please keep this date free. More information to follow.


  • What is our place in God's Creation?
  • What are our responsibilities to the planet?
  • What is the Christian viewpoint?
  • What can we do as individuals and as church communities?
  • Why is the burning of the Amazon forests so alarming?