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Gospel Questions


Sunday 4th September 2016: Luke Luke 14:25-33

The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity (Trinity 15)

  1. Am I a follower in the crowd (curious) or a disciple walking the way of the cross (serious)?
  2. What do I hold most dear, what have I built my life upon? Do I love these less than Jesus?

Bible Gateway: Luke 14:25-33

Sunday 8th August 2016: Luke 14:1,7-14

The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity (Trinity 14)

  1. Are we willing to let go of the reputations we hope to get from others and be more prepared to laugh at our own motivations?
  2. Jesus is constantly holding up a mirror from us to see ourselves as we truly are. What stops us from really looking?
  3. Who is not included in the banquet we have here this morning?

Bible Gateway: Luke 14:1,7-14

Sunday 21st August 2016: Luke 13:10-17

The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity (Trinity 13)

  1. What rules do I apply to myself and others that are too difficult to keep?
  2. “When people hold too tight to their view points, their view points hold them too tight” Are we able to question our own opinions?
  3. How do we reflect God’s mercy to those around us?

Bible Gateway: Luke 13:10-17